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TOPIC: Search options
Created by: jndfromcali
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This is my #1 complaint about this site: How to search for profiles of people who match what we are. For example: The oh-too-common profile of the couple who sits around fantasizing about wouldn't it be cool to find a bi female to be our sex object for a night. And the husband gets a bright idea: "I know! We'll put a profile on a swinger's site and then we'll get to pick and choose from all the hot single women who go prowling at night looking to get laid!"


If a profile has a default search of No Couples, No Single Men and Bi-sexual Only Women, then they shouldn't appear in my search any more than I appear in theirs (us being a couple). Something like a 'Compatible profiles only' checkbox to weed these people out would be plenty.

Fair Oaks CA
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TOPIC: Search options