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TOPIC: Search doesn't allow finding ONLY Tame couples
Created by: watchcouple69
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First, no offense to Wild couples. But we are looking for different things, and the Search feature makes me wade through a hundred profiles for every one I even wanted to see. There are VERY FEW couples on SLS who's *primary* interests are Tame. If I only look for Tame couples with the Search, I get everyone who checked Tame. Unfortunately, that's almost everyone. Why? Because just because a couple enjoys Full Swap, that doesn't mean they don't also enjoy a nude beach, nude sunbathing, etc. But MOST of them would be bored in the bedroom with us. And we don't want pressure to go further, even if unintentional. My wife is more comfortable with someone who has similar boundaries. If I could *eliminate* everyone who has Wild selected on a Search, that would make this site much, much easier to use. I'd still have the option to include them when I want, but right now I don't ever have the option to exclude them. Seems like that would be really simple to offer. After all, they can eliminate us by searching only for Wild. We will not show up on their result since we haven't checked Wild. But if I search for Tame, they DO show up on mine, whether I want them to or not. I know we Tame and Mild folks are a minority here. But what attracts us to SLS is that it does allow us to easily let people know we are Tame or Mild. Why not help us find each other? I waded through thousands of profiles when we joined SLS. I probably found most of the local profiles I wanted to find (the hard way). But I start over with the same issue when I want to search another city. For example, we are going to Vegas soon, and I'm back to having way more results come up than I actually want when I do a search. The only solution I've found is to click on their profile, indicate "no interest", then back out. That wastes hours and hours I don't have to spend, and a simple change would make life a lot easier for those who are well aware they are not a good match for Full Swap couples. Thanks for listening!

Hurst TX
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TOPIC: Search doesn't allow finding ONLY Tame couples