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TOPIC: Profiles
Created by: vaslutgirl
Original Starting post for this thread:
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Allowing a view of the forum while you post is on our list, you can also hold the shift key when you click "new post" to open in a new window.

Atlanta GA
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well.. actually I am interested and so is my wife on what a persons eye color is. I think that is a great idea!

Now how about deleting the fantasy's column cause most people either leave it blank or put "will talk after we meet" It could easily be the most poorly used area on this site. in its place you could use the descriptions of the profiler.

Now as I am typing that last suggestion I tried to scroll to give credit to vaslutgirl for her good ideas but i had to use the back arrow. what about being able to scroll previous posts while doing a reply.

Brownwood TX
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A few items...

1) Is there anyway the system can be programmed to flag profiles that are just JUNK?

I've come across ALOT of profiles that have things like "KSDJKLJDFKDHFLKJ" for everything. These profiles are absolutely useless.

Maybe a link for paid members to report the profile as being junk? There is a link that says report profile if something is wrong(which I have used), but nothing for profiles that are total junk. I think what happens is once they get approved they go back and put in crap.

It's very frustrating.

2) How about all the SINGLE females that are actually couples? They put themselves down as a single female, then when you read their profile they are a couple. This is one of the most irritating things. Especially when I start to look for single females.

3) How about adding a field on the profile that states what a person is open to. This can be filled out on the profile and then posted right on their profile next to what they are looking for (m. f. couples). This would eliminate things such as if they are looking for FFM, and a person isnt into it- they wouldnt have to waste their time.

I think the site is great. Keep up the good work :)

Chesapeake VA
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TOPIC: Profiles