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TOPIC: Multiple Photo Issues
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I know there's multiple threads dedicated to each particular issue because I've posted in 1 or 2 of them, but I like to consolidate things. So here's my problems:

#1: Photo editing did not take. Attempted to edit several public pics multiple times over the last few weeks (crop and face blur) and it didn't work.

#2: Can't see/manage my galleries. We had some public pics with our faces blurred. We also had some pics in the private gallery which were mostly the same pics as the public gallery, but with full view of our faces. I can't view this gallery from my profile view (it's locked) and I can't grant myself or other users access to this gallery. I've since deleted this pics but still have issues with them (see #3)

#3. Frustrated with the Picture Manager, I decided to delete all pics associated with my profile and start over. Public pics deleted just fine. Private Gallery and Personal Gallery pics show as deleted when I view my profile (no albums, no pics), but they are all visible under Image Editor. However, I cannot edit those pics (nor should I be able to since I deleted them, but I still shouldn't be looking at them either).

#4. I uploaded 3 public pics today. The uploads seem to be fine but now when I try to edit them I get the following message:

A problem has occured loading the original image. Please try again later. If the problem continues, contact TechSupport. CPLOFUNSWINGERS\429DSC01264.sls

All in all, this is really frustrating. Nothing with pictures seems to be working properly. I just upgraded to a lifetime membership but I really hope this isn't what I'm getting for the money.


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TOPIC: Multiple Photo Issues