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TOPIC: Mobile Site-Pictures-Broken Things
Created by: solkiller
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We have problems viewing pictures all the time. Lots of X's or not loading or blanks, sometimes if you go back and forth a bubnch it works, most times its an exercise in futility. This is from a laptop or PC, on a tablet forget it. I have 3 seperate broswers on my tablet to be able to browse, view pics, and chat.

The problem is Flash. Flash is no longer supported for mobile devices and is not going to be supported. The implementation of the Flash the pics use is just completely broken. Guessing its a cold fusion server issue perhaps?

I like the Hot Date idea for mobile, but its useless currently as the dates are really out of whack.

Lastly, There is a new bug in emails where on mobile sometimes it will show you have one but you dont see it. Its also duplicated as far as how many emails you have. If you log in on a full client, you can see the missing email, and its a newsletter typically.

Just some FYI's for you, wish i had answers. Maybe switch to silverlight or something for images?

Indian Trail NC
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TOPIC: Mobile Site-Pictures-Broken Things