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TOPIC: Handy profile info-search feature
Created by: Doc_n_Janine
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I think it would be great if there were a feature on profiles that allowed you to check what cities (or zip codes) you travel to often or don't mind taking a trip to visit. It would be awesome if this feature were then searchable (like smoking preference is).

Imagine... Couple #1 lives in Bumblescum Arkansas, but it's only two hours away from Memphis and they go there from time to time. Couple #2 lives in Armpit Mississippi and they haven't been to Memphis, but at three hours away, it's not too far to make an overnight trip for the right amount of fun. If they both checked Memphis as a potential meeting site, and they could search people based on this info, they would be far more likely to find each other than without a feature such as this. Without a feature like this, they would be separated by more than 5 hours of driving time and would likely never entertain each other as potential play mates.

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TOPIC: Handy profile info-search feature