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TOPIC: External Personal Websites
Created by: ZigNYur
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We have our own 'private' personal website, it contains a large amount of pics of us and others who have uploaded adult images and a simple message board. It contains NO popups, no in-your-face ads, no spam affliates, and can not be accessed past the main splash page unless you get a username and password from us (or one of the registered uploaders).

Granted not everyone who builds a website can do a professional site (ie; yahoo, geocities etc) but with a little monitoring I'm sure some folks would like to see their own work (or interests) shown. It would also provide a way to view more information about a person aside from just what is shown in their profile.

I'd like to be able to add and external URL to either our profile or automagically added to emails.

We've meet a few others who also have a private or personal website that relates to the lifestyle and I'm fairly sure that there are more.

I can understand the need to remove external references in emails going from the system, but is there anyway it can be done so that aqulaified external URL is shown on the profile? Or maybe even limited it to those members who are either paid or Lifetime (another perk?)

By qualified I mean - non-competitive with SLS, not a spam dump or popup hell and done in good taste. The personal site should be just that, no commercialization or sales. An option to report URLs that do not adhere AFTER being approved should also be made so fakes/misleading ones can be removed easily.

Frederick MD
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TOPIC: External Personal Websites