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TOPIC: Auto Log Out
Created by: cplofunswingers
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I believe the auto-logout is set to 20 minutes (of inactivity). Occasionally I do notice that it does not log people out. The best thing to do is to always try to remember to use the "Logout" link when you leave the site.

Gainesville FL
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This has actually been something I've wondered for well over a year but never remember to bring up.

There seems to be some wild inconsistencies with the auto log out. Sometimes if I leave SLS open in the background on my computer and go maybe 15-20 minutes without actively using the site, it will log me off. Makes sense as many sites have this feature.

If I close my browser completely, I'm usually logged off automatically as well.

However, from time to time it seems like I never get logged out. For example, I was away all weekend. I think I logged in once or twice from my phone for about 2 minutes and that was it. Got home last night and when I opened my browser and clicked on my SLS shortcut, it took me directly to my homepage and completely skipped the log in process.

The same occasionally happens on my phone or ipad as well. It could be hours, days or maybe even a week+ between log ins on those devices and while most of the time I am prompted to sign in, I am sometimes sent directly to the homepage.

On the flip side, there are also times where I'll be actively surfing the site and then my birdie goes away and is replaced with a message that reads something to the effect of "Log out in X minutes." This will only go away if I click the "home" button.

Overall, I'm not all that concerned with the fact that there's a problem with the auto log out, but there's definitely a mild concern with getting it to function properly. I'd hate to lose my phone or tablet wonder if someone were to check my browser, they might be able to gain access to our SLS account should they happen to just get lucky and open it up at a point when the auto log out doesn't function properly.

Has anyone else noticed the inconsistency with this?


Danville PA
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TOPIC: Auto Log Out