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Created by: like2wish
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We've been approving profiles for awhile. And, it's fun, but it can also be a big waste of time. Here are basic instructions from the site...

"There is at least a full sentence or thought for the first 3 essay questions."

About 75% of profiles DO NOT have the 3rd essay question filled out. Maybe it isn't clear enough to newbies that they have to fill all 3 out. When we find this, we just leave the profile alone (someone else usually approves it). But it means that 3 out of 4 times we check a profile, we waste our time.

When the 3rd question is NOT filled out, should we leave it alone, approve it, warn user or skip user?

ALSO, we see that some profiles are marked as AUTOMATICALLY SKIPPED. This seems to happen when NONE of the essay questions are filled out. Is this programmed into the system? IF SO, can't it also be programmed to automatically skip if all 3 of the essay questions aren't filled out? Maybe, an automated warning could be sent to the new member to complete the profile.

We like approving profiles, but fixing this would make the work a lot easier, and lead to new people having better profiles.

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