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Created by: masterofu The original post for this thread was deleted.
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First of all you can't block someone then send them mail. In order to do that they need to unblock the person. Second, in our case we block people who are arrogant, pests, can't take no for an answer or are just down right rude. We run a yahoo group with over 875 members. Never have we had the troubles we have on this site with people being down right rude. What is it that folks think because this is a swingers site, anyone you send an e mail to should just drop their drawers and put out for you? Yeah I know your irresistible:) When someone turns you down, nicely, learn to cope with it and not take it personal. Don't send back a shitty, smart ass response, such as UR Lose or similar crap. Just our thoughts on the subject. Mr and Mrs P

Merritt Island FL
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TOPIC: block