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TOPIC: approving Photo's
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Hi, I am perplexed about something. I tried loading a collage of pics showing the Mrs. lying naked,with her hands over her crotch, no fingers insererted, just doing the outside plaything. I set it as Private. It comes back saying they can't upload it because of the US Gov/ rules and I see that explaination. Here's the parts that frost me. I look at others photo's and see ladies eating others, using strap ons, way way more down and dirty, so what gives? If you go to other groups and that includes dear old yahoo-they have no trouble showing/posting people doing the DIRTY deed, and way more. Why is it only this site that says no ?government rules. They the rules only for this site? If it is the rules on this site, why then do soooooo many people have pics that show the dirty deeds and yet a pic of a lady, touching herself gets rejected????????? Mr. P

Merritt Island FL
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TOPIC: approving Photo's