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TOPIC: Swinging_and_Submarine_Biology
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For those who can't fire-walk with Tony Robbins in Fiji, there is an alternative.

The Seven Strategies of Bikini Bottoms to make you, 1) Spongier 2) Squarer 3) More absorbent are available to anyone who can be submerged.

Find your own marine environment. Mix a rum cocktail. Recite the Seven Submarine Strategies slowly, with feeling:

1. Setting Boundaries. 2. Reverence. 3. Self esteem. 4. Affirmations. 5. Gratitude. 6. Coping skills. 7. Compassion.

Know that anywhere humans live near a marine environment, these same strategies prepare you for successful swinging. It's Five O'clock somewhere.

Treasure Is FL
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TOPIC: Swinging and Submarine Biology