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TOPIC: Southern Fantasy!!!
Created by: mandmcple
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The group master's are J & A formally of AMERICAN SELECT SOCIALS. Please come out and support the group Southern_Fantasy. The fun and excitement never ends with themed events and after party fantasy rooms where your dreams can really come true.

Nawty School Girl's and Teacher's on August 18,2012 in Enterprise, Alabama with Southern_Fantasy!!!

Skool Daze are upon us, All you Nawty Nawty bad girls and boys come on out to our Skool Dayz Party. Just remember the party will be chaperoned by our teachers! If your to bad you may have to sit in the corner or even get paddled!!!! So come on out and lets get naughty together.... Meet and Greet / Early registration will be from 3:00pm-5:00pm in Suite 301. Come on down and get your armbands and say hi to everyone. We would love to hang out and share some laughs with our member's old and new!

In the Ballroom later that night we will be showing off our School Girl outfit's and our Teacher's attire. Be sure and dress sexy sexy sexy because the crowd will be judging our costume contest. Also remember photo's will be available during the party. So come on out August 18,2012 to Southern_Fantasy's Nawty School Girls and Teachers!

Dress sexy and "TRY TO BEHAVE". ;)

Prattville AL
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TOPIC: Southern Fantasy!!!