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TOPIC: Erotic Intentions
Created by: Z_Z_Krewe
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All of the SLS member tools have merit. We use all of them, and find that each of them brings with it some interesting element of the liberated lifestyle.

What about love? It would be interesting to know of the 'erotic intentions' of any SLS member, not just those in our local play preference area.

Our lifestyle interest includes 'erotic intentions.'

Erotic--Pertaining to or prompted by love; treating of love. Intention--Act of intending; purpose; design; intension; a general concept (Definitions from New Webster's Expanded Dictionary)

Our erotic intention is to swing in costumes and apparel on watercraft navigating inland waterways and seacoasts, with the intention of discovering common interests and boundaries for private and public play.

What about yours?

~~ZZ~~ & **ZZ**

Treasure Is FL
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TOPIC: Erotic Intentions