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TOPIC: Arizona Latin Swingers Hotel Party !!
Created by: funmauicouple
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Another Fabulous Hotel Swinger's Party Arizona Latin couples Party is a great place to interact with other people in the Swinging Lifestyle in an upscale, exclusive, private Hotel Suite.

Saturday August 23, 2008 8:30 PM. To all our sexy Latin couples out there, we thought you might be interested in a new hotel party that is being held in the nice hotel in Scottsdale area. We also enjoy making available to our Latin couple’s lifestyle friends the opportunity to meet, mingle, and have fun with other like-minded couples. We would like for you to join us. We will be having parties on a monthly basis (sometimes twice a month). The couples we invite are classy, respectful, and sexy. We have been promoting hotel parties for quite awhile!!

We thought we would mention that our parties are also the perfect meet-n-greet. You will meet a lot of friendly people in a relaxed, safe, non-threatening environment.

We hope to see you at our parties! Stay Sexy!

Donation: We ask all who attend the party to donate to the Hotel Suite fund. This fund pays for the Hotel Suite, our personal time, mixer's, ice, napkins, cups, and other items for the party. It also helps with the general preparation before the party, and cleaning after.

Requested Donations:

Single Women are free

$30 for Couples

NO Single men!! NO Single men!!

Scottsdale AZ
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TOPIC: Arizona Latin Swingers Hotel Party !!