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Swinger websites are “a dime a dozen!” We chose SLS hoping it was different – lately we are not sure. Many here don’t respond; couple-photos are few and far between; and certifications are mostly old - making us wonder – WHY ARE FOLK HERE? We pose the question because WE ARE SERIOUSLY CURIOUS – and we’d like to determine if we are in the right place!

For us, REAL does NOT mean living, breathing humans similar to those presented in your profile! For us, REAL means folk are here to network toward getting together (couple with couple) - and playing together (as secure couples). GENUINE means folk are the same both in public and at Lifestyle events. SENSUAL is a perpetual character trait – NOT an assumed, hyped, “wild” persona to “shock and awe” those on the website and/or at Lifestyle events.

We aren’t here to party; ‘run wild’; collect photos; play around on the site; or cheat on our mate. We’re here to get with, play with, and form friendships with GENUINE, REAL, SENSUAL COUPLES!

Saint Lucie West FL
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