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Created by: Mewzie The original post for this thread was deleted.
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I'm really not offended when somebody says thanks, but no thanks. I know that different people ahve different tastes. Doesn't offend me in the least.

But I do think it is rude for people to not respond at all. Then again, if you are rude, unless you are some mega hottie, chances are you are not going to be as successful in the lifestyle as you could be.

When people give me a decline, I just thank them for the courtesy of their response and wish them success.

Logan WV
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At first, being ignored did sting. However, at this point, getting no response here is no different from saying hello to someone you pass in the hall and getting no response. Oh well.

I'm still trying to figure out the cpl who asked us to meet 'em on Yahoo. When we got there, they fired off a (unrequested) pic of her and disconnected. Hmmm. If they didn't want to chat, why invite us to Yahoo? After they'd read & ignored our "wassup?" query, we used the "ignore" button. Good bye, have a nice life. :-)


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I would maybe take offense if I sent out party invites to people I already know and am friends with, and not necessarily swinging parties, and no one rsvp'd. I would also take offense when my Mom wants me to call her back, and she puts me on hold for ten minutes for call waiting. But to get upset at no thanks or no reply to an email we sent to someone we have never met? Why get offended, as there could be many reasons as to why they did not answer or did not want to meet? We answer almost all emails, except rude ones, but we respect someone's decision not to reply to us.

Quakertown PA
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It was stated.."No reply certainly doesnt equate to a "No thanks" For you that might be the case, but for others it certainly does, we prefer to not take offense when our emails are not returned.

"....So you're walking down the street and someone politely says "Hello" to you...Are you one of those people that look away and keep walking?" That truly depends on what I am doing, if I am busy damn straight, if not I may nod back.

"If so....this "lifestyle" is not for you. " How adult of you to determine for an entire site of people what this lifestyle should and should not pertain of!

"Maybe we were both raised wrong...but we believe in being polite...Something this world sorely needs!" While the world needs it the swing community does not need others coming here to preach how we need to act. If we all did exactly as our parents taught us how many would be fucking others in the first place? Obviously if someone does not return your email they are not interested.

Houston TX
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TOPIC: No Thanx!!
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