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TOPIC: Newbies,_should_they_go_to_full_swing_parties,_and_why
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We went to full swing partys as newbie but, We new exactly what We was getting ourselves into and my hubby and I had talked, but this is us. People are really shy or excited so we handled our business.

This could go Either way, it can go really wrong for the couple , very uncomfortable for the people who have approached them, putting them in a bad situation, I have seem people get unnecessarily cursed out, nevertheless this will have the couple with a problem with each other.

I feel once you have excepted this invitation to go to a full swing party, that's what you signed up for you have knowingly put yourself in a position to get approaches. My husband and I are alway polite, respectful, even when when find out that they are newbies.

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TOPIC: Newbies, should they go to full swing parties, and why