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TOPIC: If_something_comes_up,_CALL!!!
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"No Show" is not an offense committed by single females alone as it happened to me a while back by a couple which is why I've posted what I have on my profile. I give you credit for waiting that long. People who do this have no respect for your time which I find hugely insulting and my time can be spent better elsewhere. I've never been in contact with the "No Show" ever again nor have I ever had that experience repeated.

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A lot on your plate, it seems.

And at least you have a clean house out of it, more experience knowing what does not work for you, and some more insight as to people you don't want to deal with in the future. So, a learning experience, frustrating yes, and a clean house to boot.

You're still ahead. We;re having a party tomorrow night, so tonight I told Dan that it I get into crazy-compulsive-cleaning-bitchy-frantic mode, he should just stop me and throw me onto the bed and f my brains out...and then of course, I'll have to remake the bed, but ok.

I'm being goofy, but just want to also point out not to let these kinds of things discourage you. Open your eyes, yes, but as my Italian chef/boss said to me when I got frustrated and broke a dish and started crying, "Why you cry? They are only people!"

I try to remember that phrase when dealing with the human race.


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This happened to us, just last night.

The plan was to meet at a local bar. Since they're coming from further away, we offered to let them stay with us. No pressure of sex, just 4 people hanging out and having a few laughs.

Well, I turned into witch (poor hubby). I wanted the house SPOTLESS, and since we just had a baby 6 weeks ago, it was a mess. Havent had time to cleanup.

On top of that, we asked them if there was anything specifically they wanted in the house to eat. We went to the store and picked up said items so we'd have on hand, what they like.

8pm rolls around (the meeting time) and I had not heard from them. They were supposed to call us when they were on the way...which should have been 2 hours before then. I decided to give them a answer on her phone. So I try his answer.

I then sent a text message asking where they are. 10 minutes later I get a reply saying they're not even half way, have a flat tire and need to cancel. They never said anything else after that. I tried calling once more but they had cut their phones off.

This is really upsetting. This was our first time meeting a couple and we got stood up. Not only that but we went through a lot of trouble to make this happen..

So..yeah... I know what you mean about people being inconsiderate and rude.

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In response to the OP, Don't make excuses for stupid assholes. There is NO excuse for such behavior. Even if their child was sick, you deserved at least a quick call. I would have been pissed. Nope, no excuse. Shells

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We agree and have found it to be more with single females than couples. Only once has a couple no showed us. Single females we have lost count.. A phone call is simple act that can help every one understand. Patrick pattie

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We've have been very fortunate in that we have never had a problem with the no shows. But have heard a lot of people saying they have. Part of our luck with it is that we generally try to meet at a club. That way if the people don't show or you just simply don't click you are still able to have a very enjoyable evening.

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we would never stand that cute butt up ;-)

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TOPIC: If something comes up, CALL!!!
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