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TOPIC: Help, I blew it big time!
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GentleinUtah is right. It could have been a plethora of things that happened, including that the couple got cold feet. We always give folks our cell numbers and get theirs before a meeting. That way, if we happen to get lost or are running late, we call them and let them know.

Couples have this problem too. We had the cell numbers (and they had ours) of a couple we were to meet on the Burlington waterfront. We called and left a voice mail for them about 15 minutes before our 7pm "date", saying that we had arrived at the restaurant early, so we were going to walk around the waterfront. No reply. They stood us up, despite the fact that they had my cell # also.

When we got home (now remember that the date is at 7pm), we had a message on our home phone telling us that "its 6:30 and we just can't make it". I love caller ID. The call had come in at 7:30 to cancel a 7pm date! I called them the next morning and told them not to contact us again. Starting off on the wrong foot is one thing, outright lying is another. So you see, its not just the single guys who have difficulty knowing what game is being played. You have to do your best, and hope the other party is sincere.

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TOPIC: Help, I blew it big time!