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TOPIC: First MG!
Created by: Bonis_Duo
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So, Friday we had our first I guess it was a meet and greet? Or house party? We went to someone's house, and met other couples, and greeted them! :D It was actually very casual (so casual, in fact, it was clothing optional! I exercised my right to not wear clothes! That was LIBERATING!) We were so lucky to find people who are understanding that we were nervous and not sure how to behave. (yes... We brought a cheese and grape plate... WHAT!? I get the munchies after a good lay, and frankly wouldn't want to have been rude and rifle through their fridge!) They moved at our pace (slowly, sorry seasoned swingers!), and didn't pressure us to go any further than we wanted. It was sexy and thrilling and a whole lot of fun! Can't wait to do another!

Millington TN
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TOPIC: First MG!