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TOPIC: Swingers in Church
Created by: afterwork
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Long ago when we were very active in the lifestyle, we met a really nice couple that attended our church. We relate part of that in our story, "Deep in Dixie, breaking in a new couple" on this site.

We are cautiously re-entering the lifestyle and have met one couple via the web that, oddly enough, we discovered serve on a civic committe with us.

However, we did enjoy the "extended fellowship" of our prior relationship with the church folks we met years ago and we have chatted about trying ferret out who might be interested in the lifestyle.

Does anyone know of a site, other than libchrist, that might cater to those of us that attend church? Has anyone had an experience with other church members that might provide some pointers on how the subject was broached? Is there some sort of code words out there that we just haven't discovered?

Appreciate your feedback, be gentle, we think we're old.

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TOPIC: Swingers in Church