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TOPIC: Single_guys_-_no_not_the_same_old_complaint
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Our number one complaint with single guys. Especially the young generation which is our target.

I think a lot has to do with society as a whole. We have switched from doing things in-person to everything is electronic. Drive around a neighborhood in the summer. Years ago, there would be kids everywhere playing outside, sports, building forts.....You name it.

Take a look now. The streets are empty. The kids are inside all summer in front of the computer, or playing video games.

As an employer more and more I encounter new prospects who lack very basic social skills. They do not possess the basic ability to interact socially in person. They have unrealistic expectations and a pretty far out view of how the real world actually runs.

I dont think its far fetched to say that spills over into this lifestyle.

People play online poker now. Where they used to get together with friends and play with real cards.

Any kind of porn is available right at your fingertips. No more jerking off to 20 year old playboys.

You can come on a site like this and get the thrill and rush of any activity you fantasize about. And then the added climax of the thought of actually doing it for real.

But when it comes down to it. You actually do have to get showered, get dressed, meet strangers and then be expected to try something new and perform to the level you said you could online.

To many. Its easier to masturbate to the thought of doing it, than to go through with it.

Then real life sets in. We have it happen ourselves. We're online, horny, chatting it up, making plans for next week and we cant wait.

Next week comes. I got stuck late at work. The dog puked on the carpet. We got an unexpected bill. Had a crappy stressful day. And now we're supposed to get showered, shaved, and go meet someone for a night of sex when all we want to do is put our PJ's on and crawl into bed.

Then you do have people who are not what they say they are. Single guys who are married, who cant get away.

Or real dishonest people who dont match their profile or pics. (Though those are the ones who usually show up thinking we'll overlook the 20 year and 100 pound discrepancy)

So for various reasons what sounds good right now, while its late at night and theyre masturbating to your pics..........A few days later when real life is involved.....It doesnt have the same sense of urgency

Mount Juliet TN
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As many have said, I think it goes both ways. I've made 2 dates on this site and showed up for both of them. I figure, if I paid the money to be here, made the effort to communicate and then made the committment, why chicken out? I would have had plenty of chances to do that before the night of the big dance.

So - if you're every in Minnesota.....

Burnsville MN
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but shel ...... I would be rock hard for you ...... I can say that as I am not planning a trip to texas any time soon so i don't need to prove it ;-).

Berrien Sprgs MI
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Would have to agree it goes both ways also. The few who I have spoken with seems to be guys posing as a couple.

Kilgore TX
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I think there is a lot of guys that just get scared.

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Ready, A feature fo the site is that you do NOT have to open mail to read it. We don't OPEN it as when you do it moves to one of numerous folders.....a feature I HATE. We leave all mail on the main page unless we response or delete.

Just some FYI...if it says unopened it's still been READ

Mrs Sav

Anniston AL
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It does go both ways. I can not tell you how many emails that I have sent to couples that were seeking males and 1) they don't respond or 2) You email them and they don't even read it. And you saw them on line several times after you emailed them.

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its very frustrating. what would frustrate me was when people would act as if they did not believe me...or would say something like "if it were me, I'd be hard as a rock for you". Yeah? Whatever. Like Akron said, sometimes we think we want something...and then when it is offered they panic and are like omg, what do I do now. OR...like a few I have talked to, they talk soooo much shit...when you say okay, show me what you've got they realize that now they are going to have to live up to their crapulance..and thats it. Or even better, they are really married men and this is just their naughty factor.

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What guy(married or not) in his right mind would not show up for you ;)

Philadelphia PA
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Once in a blue moon the Mrs wants to be a total slut and do an MFM. To say it's a challenge to find single guys that she is interested in would be an understatement but recently we found a few candidates and reached out to them. They all initially responded but trying to line up dates to meet has been ridiculous. They read but don't answer the emails, or throw a date out but don't follow up when we say we can make it, etc. A couple of them have made several dates only to not follow through. We are beginning to think they are here just to play games or they're married\have a girlfriend and are totally doing this on the sly.

Seriously, what's the deal!!!

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TOPIC: Single guys - no not the same old complaint
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