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TOPIC: Secret Handshake Plz Read
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Hey everyone, I came across this idea and would like to know what you think.  We need somthing to help us in the vanilla world.  Anyways, here it is and I look forward to feedback.  "LS" = Lifestyle.


So many’s a time when Gar and I have wished there was a secret handshake or something so we could more easily spot swingers in vanilla situations. An LS group near us tried to solve the problem with custom made little rubber bracelets (very cute: said “Let’s Play” on them. Don’t remember the color…) but that didn’t really catch on, not even in their group. Of course, should anyone ask what the bracelet was for, a person would have to lie outright to those whom they thought were vanilla anyway, returning to the original wish for a secret handshake or something. Another post here mentioned an anklet on the right ankle meaning swinger or bisexual. Not only have we never heard of that, we think the potential for misconstruing the intentions of some poor vanilla woman who also has never heard of that and simply prefers her jewelry on that ankle is very high.

I propose something a little different.

Anyone ever heard the term “A friend of Bill”? Those in recovery programs (AA specifically) will use this cryptic friend to let others around them know they are recovering without coming right out and saying it. If you, too, are a “Friend of Bill”, you’ll know what they mean and viola! a like-minded person is found.

What if we in the lifestyle were all “Friends of Ellis”? Ellis = LS. Get it? Of course, there is always the potential for finding vanilla people who really have a friend named Ellis, but it’s a rare enough name that the odds are low. Besides, the odds of non-recovering folks having a friend named Bill has to be pretty high, yet that little “secret handshake” has worked well in that community.

I think we should all become Friends of Ellis. Pass it on to your swinging friends. It only works if everyone knows about it.

WE are friends of Ellis. Are you?? ;)


Brookfield WI
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TOPIC: Secret Handshake Plz Read