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TOPIC: Meeting Compatable Playmates
Created by: HDRyders4Fun
Original Starting post for this thread:
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In all honesty, you might be better off creating your own couple.

I have had some success with single bi females (Unicorns) but no luck with couples.

I am seeing a lot of couples say they have problems finding couples too, which makes me think maybe it really isn't me, LOL.... But seriously, if I was a couple looking for a couple, I might look into playing with a single female and a single male and then getting them together to play. That's assuming you are a swinger and not just a swapper.

Logan WV
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I have also experinced a large amount of difficulties connecting to others on this site. I really am beginning to think this site is full of mostly wannabees and fakes. I posted this on another forum some days ago as well maybe somebody here can fill me in on whats wrong. I posted this several days ago in another forum and it went nearly un noticed. So I thought I'd post it here and see what replies come of it.

I'm not complaining, however I will say my success on this site is nearly zero, compared to other sites. And believe it or not, this is the only site I have paid for. All the other sites I'm listed on I'm a free member, and have had much better results.

I can certainly understand how most folks here are getting so frustrated with this site and the people on it. And I don't really think its all the single males fault either. I can understand the frustrations the single male goes through, as it seems couples toss them off without any respect, ( as not answering e-mail etc. etc.) In addition, I have been reading about the male that doesn't show up. Well, I can attest to many couples and females that don't show up either. So maybe bashing the single male isn't really a good idea. And I'm sure I'm not alone in being the only single male that was ever stood up. Oh, I understand there may be a few things that would prevent a meet from time to time. But at the last minute, and when its too late to turn back, isn't the way to go about it.

Seems everybody "claims" they want to meet", they say no limits, and also brag about how ready and horny they are, and will meet anybody anywhere anytime, and do anything. BUT, when it actually comes down to real meeting they nearly ALL have some last minute stoppage. Like, “Oh, I got called in to work,…. Or… the kids got sick,…. or relatives came to visit, or….. something so far out, that when one thinks about it, it can be seen right through to be a fake excuse. Why do they let things go so far, then just quit and cop out.? If they are really interested in meeting, wouldn't it be so much more polite to say in the beginning the truth and get on with it, instead of the lame excuses. Or even early on in the chat or e-mail, say, “Sorry, thanks but no thanks. When if they ever do answer mail. And that's another thing, here on this site. I'm on several other sites and they have a set percentage of your incoming mail they require you to answer, even if its a, “Sorry, thanks, but no thanks.”. And if you are getting rude and or send repeated harassment mail. They will boot you off the site permanently. And to report it to the site admin, all ya gotta do, is tell the admin and that offending member is either blocked or cut off the site entirely. No hassles.

5 and a half years member. I sent more than 290 emails out. Only 11 return mails. 4 actual face to face meets. 2 play dates. Both were fantastic too. I've been stood up no less than 22 times. 3 from one individual 5 from one other.

Now I know, I'm not a looker like a movie star, but not ugly neither. And each of the email I sent out, I met all of the qualification requirements listed on the profiles. i.e. age, distance, single, male, pic included, interests listed, etc. etc. I also never sent out any rude, harassing nor nasty emails. I always explained the shared interests listed, and never did a one liner or smug email.

I know there will certainly be some smart ass on here that will answer “Aww , don't get your panties in an uproar, and don't get like a crybaby, and quit your wining, or go to those other sites.” But, in closing, I will ask all of you this. WTF are you all doing here any way.? isn't this a site to meet and play.?

And by the way. I can add 22 more emails I sent out, with no answers, and two more no shows to that list. I really dont have leporsy. Really...!!!!

Warren PA
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I think we are having your problem in reverse: we have had to turn away couples lately (no, that's not being all that, it's just that sometimes emails and interest goes in waves), and they are people we've communicated with before, like, maybe a year ago, and probably wasn't firm about not being interested then. I've learned to be more straightfoward, but I really won't be mean about anything. And maybe that was our problem, and we "led people on," which I hate (I hate knowing I did that, and I hate others who do it as well).

The thing with one couple, and also with a single, is that I kept waiting around for them to 1. send a face pic or at least another pic, 2. say something besides a few dates to meet, 3. show more interest in what we're about than just meeting blindly. 4. write more than one sentence.

Ok, maybe this is more than just about compatability. But to be compatable with us, you have to show us more than just a willingness to meet at a specific date.

My two cents, or more, Gina

San Antonio TX
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meeting compatible partners is sometimes challenging ... however as you say in your profile you feel like an outsider ...when you go to a ls club or a meet and greet you need to talk to folks... when we were in oklahoma clubs I always saw what we termed wall flowers ... those are folks that don't mingle with anyone ... we would try and talk to EVERYONE and see if we had common ground hell pass them a business card that has your infor such as a pic and email ... you dont have to do anything in the club if you dont want but its a great place to start out... Understand that you aren't probably hooking up for life with other couple just working on friendship so don't judge a book by the cover either... sometimes you'll talk to someone for a while and one of their friends will take interest in you and you will have found someone

Tucson AZ
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We were curious to hear what others think about a problem we are having. We have been looking for open-minded couples for friendship and fun for quite awhile. But we have had limited luck finding what we are looking for.

We have met some really nice couples that we thought we clicked with. But most of them vanished after our first meeting. A few others informed us they were interested in being friends...but no more. Many of the remaining couples lost interest in us because we would not drop everything to play with them. We were not interested in the remaining couples and we told them that. We do not like people who are not up front with others.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we could meet people who we might better luck with becoming friends and playing? Several couples have told us we should attend clubs. But there is only one that is relatively close.

Any suggestions?

Sod WV
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TOPIC: Meeting Compatable Playmates