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FORUMS Successful Swinging Finding Playmates Couples and single males
TOPIC: Couples and single males
Created by: brenhamnudist The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Welcome to the Forums! I can only offer our experience ...

When we first started in the lifestyle, we listed ourselves as open to contact by singles. We were so inundated with messages from single males (usually the "I have 8 inches 4 U" type) that we backed off ... Way off.

Our profile now states that we are not looking for singles. That does not mean that we will not play with them, though. Some discerning and polite single males read between the lines and get in touch. We answer all polite messages and may soon meet with a gentleman who travels to the VI quite often.

Successful single males on this site seem to be Uriah and Triple Threat. They have good advice to offer single males. Perhaps their comments will give you some insight.

Best of luck, Julia

PS: Nice profile, but pictures would make it nicer. :-)

St Thomas VI
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TOPIC: Couples and single males