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TOPIC: Worked on my profile a bit
Created by: Juan1forU The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Hi Juan,

I can give you points for spelling and grammar, however, your profile lacks pizzazz (although I did enjoy what you posted under What Else We'd Like to Say...let's me know that you can be funny, lol). You're new to the LS, I believe (which is fine!), but you need to state that. How would you like to go about meeting folks? Would you enjoy meeting for drinks and/or dinner? Have you attended any clubs, or meet and greets? As a SM your profile needs to project what you can provide for a SF/couple, whereas your profile focuses solely on you. In addition, some of the information under Description makes your profile more suitable for Eharmony. Don't get me wrong; you sound like a great guy! It's just that SLS is not a dating site.

I like the pic you have of yourself...great smile, BTW! Do yourself a favor and post some more pics, preferably ones that show the entire body (clothed is fine).

Two more things would definitely help: Attend a meet and greet in your area. This is a great, relaxed way to meet other couples and single females in your area who can then certify that you're real. Certifications are very important for SM's! The second thing would be to look at other successful SM profiles so you can get a better feel for what works. A good example you might want to review would be the SM profile of Fun_Ahoy.

Best wishes!


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TOPIC: Worked on my profile a bit