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TOPIC: The deathly trifecta
Created by: playtimetxcpl
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It surprises me how many people complain about not finding action or not getting responses. Yet, their profile is the holder of the deadly trifecta:

1. No info in profile. This function as something of an ad or resume. Tell a little about yourself and what you're looking for. If you don't someone is going to taking a shot in the dark. So many people have trouble with flakes already, so they don't want to waste time (yours and theirs) only to find out that you're not compatible.

2. No pics Put some full body pics up. Possibly some clothed and unclothed. Face pics are good to have, because people will ask for them. You can always put the face pics in a private folder and open them up once you move to the next step. Also, make sure you're happy and smiling in the pics. It looked more friendly and inviting.

3. Not a paid member. There are a TON of free members. They have less investment in the process and the site. They often don't check it as often for messages either. Not saying that this one kills you, but it's definitely something that gets figured in. Memberships are cheap enough here that you should seriously consider one if you haven't already.

Other smaller nitpicks: Use better grammar. Respond to e-mails in a timely manner. Maybe get a certification or two.

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TOPIC: The deathly trifecta