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TOPIC: Stupid_Single_Male_Profiles
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Sometimes I'm surfing around on the forums and I'll read a profile just to get a better sense of the writer and it makes me laugh when I read a profile from a single male who wears his narcissism on his sleave, thinks he's hot shit dodd and is stupid enough to come off like he's going to be all selective towards the couples and ladies he's trying to hook up with. It's like "oh good dumb shit! You're a nice looking guy but because you come off like such an asshole, you're not really competition,lol." And little wonder it's often the dickhead posting for a date. I mean use a little common sense, boys. If you're going to be all picky and selective then keep it to yourself, don't fucking be dumb enough to plaster all over your profile how picky and selective you are and such.

And this is also true of single women and couples. I won't go near a profile that features women/couples that think they're god's gift and come off like they think they're better than everyone. But it's really true of single men. There is a lot of single sausage out there and competition, if you're posting all over about how picky you are, you might ward off the heavies, elderly and such but you're also warding off all your other prospects with your arrogance.

You're probably going to exchange pictures before you meet someone anyway. If she/they don't look like how you would want her/them to, just decline at that point. Because you're not even going to have the opportunity to decline if you go the dumb asshole route of some of the boys here no matter how hot you think you are.

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TOPIC: Stupid Single Male Profiles