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TOPIC: Request for Profile Feedback
Created by: ExploringGA The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Welcome to the forums ExploringGA :)

You've got a generally decent profile, much better than many single males previously asking for improvement feedback. However, I should like to offer you three items to consider redoing.

1- Your entire first section tells us why you are here, not what you are looking for. The paragraph you currently have would be better suited in any of the other sections. Write an entirely new paragraph for the first section, focusing on what you look for in play partners.

2- The "warning" in your last section is, in a word: useless/pointless/unenforceable/hollow. If someone told you to put it in, they gave you bad advice. SLS owns the copyrights to this site, by joining you agree to that, and they do aggressively address such interlopers when reported.

3- Replace your pictures. Congratulations on your weight loss, now post a few pictures of you at your new weight of you not flexing in your boxers in front of a mirror using your phone's camera -- only having mirror pics gives the impression you have no friends, by extension we start to wonder if you lack personality...see how that plays out? Grab a friend and get several clothed shots with you being you. :) and a few less than fully clothed. ;) Be tasteful, you're competing against plenty of other single guys with erect-penis-in-underwear shots.

Good luck, Mrs TF3

Saint Paul MN
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TOPIC: Request for Profile Feedback