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TOPIC: Quality control review prior to posting pics
Created by: LACasualtimes
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I would like to extend a request to pic posters to please perform a quality control review of your pics, preferably prior to actually posting them, or at least once they have been approved and added to your profile. Here are a few examples the sort of pics posted on here that really hit a nerve with me and the thoughts that they elicit:

Long range, low quality / detail pics: Assuming that the person in the pic is either your partner or is of you taken by your partner, then there shouldnt be any problem with getting at least close enough to be able to identify hair color or style. Makes me wonder if it isnt really a pic of some random stranger taken on the sly from the distance.

Overly grainy / blurry / digitally pixalized or broken quality: If you can barely identify that the pic is of a person, why bother wasting the time posting it? Makes me wonder just what you are trying to hide.

Pics where the background is a wreck: Pics where the entire room is littered with baby stuff - Do you really have the time and energy to get out and meet, much less play? Pics where the kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes and counters covered with food products, pots, pans etc or where there are piles of obviously dirty laundry on the bedroom floor or where used condoms are on the floor or bedside table or where the bathroom looks like it hasnt been cleaned in months or the garage is filled with boxes, excess furniture, junk etc. Makes me wonder that if this is the normal living conditions, how does that relate to your personal hygene, and do I really want to have anything to do with them.

Pics of just your car, truck, motorcycle or boat. If I am interested in you, it is first because of what you have said in your profile, and second based on your appearance, not the material things you may have. Pics of you on / in any of those are great, but this isnt high school where the guy with the flashy car gets the girls.

And lastly, pics that are so dark or over exposed, you arent sure if it was taken in a cave or in the middle of a blizzard. Once again, why waste the time posting them?

Pics certainly dont have to be taken by a professional, but they should at least be something better than what a 3yo would take with an antique polaroid and old film with a weak battery then scanned on a thrift store scanner and uploaded using Windows 93. Please take a few moments checking the entire pic and either choose a different one, reshoot it or edit out the distractions, etc.

Pearl River LA
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TOPIC: Quality control review prior to posting pics