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TOPIC: Profile critique
Created by: DaringDiver The original post for this thread was deleted.
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I think it's a bad idea for a single guy to post pics of himself with previous partners for several reasons.

First, I'm fairly sure those partners haven't consented to having their pics appear here or anywhere, and some people might well judge you harshly for exploiting them.

Second, potential partners will wonder if their pics will appear in your profile down the road.

Third, the pic collectors will hound you night and day for more of the same.

I thought the text of the profile was mostly good. My issue with single guys who want to meet couples is that many of them really don't want the husband involved except to hand over his wife -- which, as you can imagine, won't endear you to many husbands. My recommendation would be to either limit your interest to females or make it clear that you really want a MFM or MMF, not a MF with the husband watching or out of town. I think the single men who successfully meet couples are the ones who understand what both members of the couple want and can make that happen.

- ST

Kitty Hawk NC
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TOPIC: Profile critique