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TOPIC: Need help
Created by: il24sxyfun The original post for this thread was deleted.
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il24sxyfun, I'll add my welcome to the forums here. It's always good to see other midwesterners in the threads, and I hope you chime in.

If TotalBabe's solution didn't work, you should be able to get to your pictures this way. It took a while for me to figure it out, but does work.

Click on My Account.

Near the top of the page you'll see View My Profile, Update Profile, Upload Pictures, Manage Pictures, FAQs. Click on Manage Pictures.

Near the top of the Manage Pictures page you'll see Public, Private, Personal, Upload, Galleries. Click on Galleries.

Now you should see your Private Galleries, where you can View, Edit, or Remove. If you have split up the pictures into subcategories (like just him, just her, faces, vacation, whatever) then the subcategories are displayed here. Click on Edit for one of them.

The Edit page should have all of the photos you have uploaded into private galleries. One of the subcategories with all of the pictures assigned to it is displayed on the right-hand side of the page, with the title you gave it at the top of the page. There you can rearrange, remove, and add other already-approved photos into the subcategory.

Good luck!

Sheboygan Falls WI
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TOPIC: Need help