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TOPIC: If discretion matters to you
Created by: fearofghosts
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Had an fun little bout of drama with an SLS member who was adamant of seeing R or X rated images where faces are visible in the photo. Apparently this member had a need to validate that the heads belonged to the bodies in the two types of pictures we have available to share. And while that is indeed a logical validation to perform - its not at all something we could be willing to share. Why? Because pictures on the internet are pictures on the Internet.

I was explaining this to a friend who didn't understand the big deal, and it occurred to me that there might me others who aren't computer and internet savy that wouldn't know this. So I'm tossing thousand post out here as a gesture of kindness and caution to those who value discretion.

While this website and others like it have disabled a user's ability to right click an image and save the photo locally - there are still very simple and common known ways to save a copy of that image being displayed to them. There is nothing the website can do to prevent a user from taking a screen cap of the displayed data and pasting that into photo editing software. A simple crop of the screenshot image, and they have a copy of your photo saved locally which they are free to redistribute however they please. Even smart phones can do this function easily. If you have an iPhone, you can test this by holding down the power button and then pressing the back button on your phone.

So the point I guess I'm getting at is .. If discretion is something that matters to you, you may think twice before including your face (or other things which can be used to identify that it is your naked or scandally clad body in the image) in the photo. You can never be sure which amateur porn site or forum your images could end up on. Or worse, as I'm sure you could use your imagination. So a food tip is to be careful about the content of your photos and to try and take them with the notion that you can maintain deniability of the R or X rated images being you.

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TOPIC: If discretion matters to you