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TOPIC: How can I improve my profile
Created by: gainesvilleman The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Hi Gaines, welcome to the forums :)

Your profile is okay, but nothing jumps out at me...as a single male, I'm sure you realize that you are one of MANY! Also, read your profile out loud and you will be surprised at how many times you use the pronoun, "I." Read a few SM profiles who are successful (meaning, they have been on the site for a while and have several recent certs) to get a feel for the right tone and content.

Things to add to your profile – If you are brand new, state that! No crime and PLUS, people need to know. If you do have some experience, mention it. Your first sentence needs to grab people’s attention. Under the first section…would you enjoy meeting for drinks, dinner/drinks, fine dining, casual…do you prefer one-on-one or meeting with a group (at a meet and greet). Do you wish to get to know a couple/SF first or are you comfortable playing on first meet? Protection, bareback?

The paragraph about Description is okay – but you repeat yourself: “…and I’m interested in meeting new people.” “I am interested in making friends on here.” Use one or the other.

The Fantasy section needs to be re-worked. If you read your profile out loud, your ears will catch things that your eyes miss.

Your pic shows an attractive upper body, but better pics will definitely help. From the neck down is fine - HWP is often hard to find, so show it off.

Typos: Under “We Are Looking For:” “definite” should be definitely; “its” should be it’s. Under “Description:” “I’m AN athletic…” “appriciate” should be appreciate Under “Fantasies:” After “creampies,” I would put “I usually use a condom, though” in parentheses. “orgasam” should be “orgasm” Use periods instead of commas for the rest in this section, but this section needs to be re-worked.

Lastly, certs are so important. Look up where the meet and greets are held in your area and attend. Super easy way to meet others in the LS in a relaxed setting and make some friends who can certify you.

Best wishes :) Kat

Morgantown PA
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TOPIC: How can I improve my profile