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TOPIC: Here's your sign!
Created by: BooNShip
Original Starting post for this thread:
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Wow that kills me. I know a few people that are lets say well off, and to be honest the best ones most people do look down their nose at becouse they don't put on the aires as we say down here.

Dover TN
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Hellllooo Mr. Ship :)

LOL, enjoyed that one! Hey, seek and ye shall find, right? Damn, I know people have written not to be ashamed to be specific in what you're looking for, but that's hysterical! Kind of reminds me of a Christmas Story. "What do you want for Christmas, Ralphie?" Look what happened to him!


Morgantown PA
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We know, its a bit old but it's really fitting for this.. check this out; part of a tag line that we sat and laughed at almost uncontrollably; from the stupidity. 11 years in the style and this is a first. Remember, this is just PART of the tag line and no names have been made to protect the masses....

"easy going and must be rich"

Are we not a bit mis-guided in all of this?? LOL - Granted they state the rules, We agree to that part. But really.... rich??

I guess SLS should have a degree status and income value option on the profiles?

Rich is really in the eye of the beholder because you can have a 6 figure Job and still be an asshole. Class has no place in fat wallets and heads. Here comes more sarcasm -

Disclaimer: We've owned 36ft Chriscrafts, 60" Plasmas, 5 Newfoundlands, and imported custom race motocross bikes from Australia.. So Please, look down your noses at all of us whom feel your "class" is not up to your standards.

If I (Ship) - Blame me only, Boo laughs at it so she's not to point the finger at, have pissed you off, then I will sleep a lot easier at night knowing that the rest of the peeps out there that scrape pennies at times to be real, have caused anguish..

So, get a clue, and make your tag line a lil more fun and alluring. Curiosity, will lead more ass to your door than the ass that writes it! - Wait,, maybe I'm one.. lol

Port Carbon PA
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TOPIC: Here's your sign!