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TOPIC: To Shave or not
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Wendy, you are a very beautiful woman....Love the hair !!!! Love that nursing bra pic too. Might you be lactating ? OMG...the perfect woman !!

Sorry to get sidetracked...I love a nice hairy pussy, more so than shaved, but will not turn away from any. I love giving oral pleasures and the hair is an added Bonus.

We think it's funny that we were turned down from a few couples because Kathy is Not shaved. We don't know if they were for real or just wannabees. It just seems so shallow that a swinging couple Demands that the woman, or the couple, be shaved. I can honestly say that giving oral sex to a woman with a hairy pussy is wonderful. You will not get a mouthful of stray hairs. It's not like they just fall out because of the oral. In my opinion, a stray hair now and then just adds to the thrill and excitement of giving oral sex.

Sinceyour hubby wants it both ways maybe split it in half, never seen that before, but I am excited about the idea. Right down the middle...half shaved and the other half hairy and I would be very willing to assist .


Pottstown PA
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TOPIC: To Shave or not