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TOPIC: Tanlines
Created by: ZigNYur
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Ok, I'm not talking about the traditional bikini tanlines, thats a whole other debate. Also, I guess this mostly applies to those of us that may have a few extra lbs, and may not be quite so young and firm anymore.

I'm talking about those unsightly crease lines that we get just at the bottom of our tushies. I have a couple of tricks to try, and they aren't perfect but they do seem to help. I'll share mine and maybe some others will have some tips to add.

This may not always be convenient but when 'outdoor' sunbathing, I grab a pillow (usually a small throw pillow), and when I roll to my stomach I place it under my pelvic area. This elevates the tush slightly, and smoothes out that creased area.

For tanning beds, during the last 2 minutes sit upright in the bed with your legs stretched out, or swing your legs over the side so that your tush is basically the only thing on the bed.

Hope this is useful, and please add your tips as well.


Frederick MD
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TOPIC: Tanlines