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Ok ladies I'm back. I've got a question and I will be back if not tonight, tomorrow night to hear all your thoughts. Ok here goes.. There is a woman from my area who has gone to the 4 clubs I've gone to, and for the most part does the same thing, so ill use Saturday night for an example. For a surprise, and for the first time she had at least some clothes on for the course of the night, but took as many guys in the play room as she could. Standing out side of it and saying ok, who's next. She was giving head and fucking the men. Yes her husband (if thats who he is) was there watching. This club for the first time let in some single men, by request. Everyone that I spoke to at more than one club, won't go in to the play rooms because of what she's doing. So here's my question, is this the normal ? If not, what can be done to stop her ? In my option she belongs at a stag party, not a swingers club. Am I wrong, and if so why ? Sue

Geneseo NY
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TOPIC: Sluts