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TOPIC: Sewing Shoes and Sex Therapy
Created by: Z_Z_Krewe
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Before leaving to do some computer upgrades visits at one of our associated beauty craft locations, my husband left his laptop for me to use. I needed to repair a loop on a pair of Guess cork-platform shoes and didn't want to take them to a shoe repair, so I had small sewing kit. This little kit had twelve different thread colors, a tiny scissors and a thimble, and I only needed two or three stitches to rejoin the loop ends.

Everything was out and ready, and I looked at the video site my husband had ready to entertain me while I completed my little dressy sandal repair. When I pressed the play button, I pretty young female was telling a story, being interviewed. Her name was Tori and she told the story of how she decided to do adult porn. She had rich brown hair and a pretty face, and I just listened while I threaded the needle. Then into the picture came a guy, and the camera moved in for a close up of his cock and her face, as she started to lick his head. The thread went into the hole of the needle easily enough and I estimated his cock was about 7' long because her hand covered it except for the head. She began to suck him down, and I could see that his cock curved upward slightly, and was slightly fatter from the middle of his shaft to the head than from his plumbs to the middle. She sucked him eagerly, and I imagined he was about as big around as my husband, and the same length. Instead of a curve, though, Mr. Z has a slight twist. This young Tori liked this guy's cock and really made those little 'pip' sounds like we do when we are deep-sucking his shaft. She liked it, he liked it, and I liked it.

She moved from a kneeling position in front of him to lying across one end of a pool table. There she continued to suck him down, and because his cock was curved, he could thrust and the cock would go easily deeper into her through as she faced the camera. It was as unusual an angle and sight as I have seen~~very sexy! He spoke something and she gagged and garbled and gasped as his cock moved quickly into her mouth. I thought his voice sounded Spanish.

I looked at my sewing kit label, and it said 'Estuche de Costura' and 'Trousse de Couture.' My little sex therapy sewing kit was all I needed for shoe repair and morning sex therapy in either Spanish or French.


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TOPIC: Sewing Shoes and Sex Therapy