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TOPIC: Mid Life
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I know all may not be experiencing symptoms of the change of life, but for anyone who is, or has already completed it, please, tell me what you did to get through it. My night sweats have decreased, along with the hot flashes, but will be back, in a few months this I know. My problem is controling my emotions. They are worse than any PMS I have ever experienced (and I had PMS bad when I had periods). I will more than likely drive myself nuts, but will not take any hormone replacement therapy. Does anyone know of any herbal or foods that can help with this? Jim seems to think that I am way overstressed, but that's not the case. I tried to explain it to him, but, yeah, he gets it, just like I get what jock itch feels like. I do have some things going on in my life that are very difficult for me to swallow, the biggest being my 21 year moving out in 2 weeks, it sounds nuts, but it has been me and my 2 boys for so long, I am having a real difficult time letting go, but these symptoms have been there for quite a few months, and they need to go, like now. Any advice from anyone who has or is experiencing his wonderful event, please help.

Jerome PA
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TOPIC: Mid Life