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This kind of feels like a weird question but here it goes... My husband and I have come to the conclusion for me to be my niece's egg donor and they have accepted our offer. I am through the moon that we get to do this as she will be the best mother in the world and they have set a timeline for January of 2014 to start the process. She mentioned today that my first trip to see her doctor that they'd ask all kinds of embarrassing questions. An example she gave was, "have you ever traded sex for money." No big deal, I haven't, BUT what about swinging? I would prefer that she doesn't know about this part of our lives but not even that is a big deal in the grand scheme of things, I just want to get her eggs. Anyone think that this will affect my viability of donating? Or do I just answer no because lots of people who aren't married have casual sex and we always do it safely.

Any input would be great. I have a pap today and I don't want to disclose my open relationship status if it might harm my chances. BUT I do want to have open communication with my doctor. Oh goodness what todo?!?

Aloha OR
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