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TOPIC: Anyone_measured_behind_on_their_pregnacy
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My daughter is into her 30th week and the doctor ordered yet another ultrasound . She has gained only 1 pound this last month and is measuring at 28 weeks instead of 30. She has already had 2 ultrasounds so they don't think the date of conception is really in question.

She is a little thing about 5'5 and 112 non pregnant but has also only gained 12 lbs. She was also a vegetarian since she was 13 and has only recently started eating meat and still not much beyond chicken occasionally. I'm not sure if that is a factor as she has always been extremely healthy.

Trying not to worried , she isn't scheduled until Thursday for the ultrasound . I just had 4 of my own and never experienced this issue.

Anyone ?

Mrs Sav

Anniston AL
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TOPIC: Anyone measured behind on their pregnacy