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we know there are some very cool, very sharp single guys in this lifestyle. unfortunately, a few dumbasses fuck it up for the rest of you. we see single guys on here all the time asking for advice. "why doesn't anyone write me back," or "why won't couples play with me?" here are a few tips from someone you should be taking advice from... a husband.

1. leave mr. douchebag outside while you write your profile. and btw, try putting in the info in that the ladies actually need to know. does she want to know what you do for a living? no. does she want to know what you're working with? uh, yeah. what the fuck do you think she's here for? you don't have to be hung like a horse, but you have to give a girl SOMTHING to work with. 2. might, maybe, possibly... these are all key words that should tell you that something could happen, but nothing is in stone. 3. if you are lucky enough to be selected. show a little appreciation. don't show up empty handed. act as though you you actually appreciate the invite, not like you were entitled to it. 4. realize that no matter how hot you think you are, or how big you think your dick is, you are a dime a dozen, and can be immediately replaced. 5. understand that when you do get a chance to play, you're not the star of the show, she is.

if you can just start with these, you'll probably begin to see things turn around. make an attempt to be who these ladies are looking for and you may just get a little more attention. "oh, i'm just going to be who i am. if they don't like me, that's just too bad." no problem. keep spending saturday night with your dick in your hand. or choose to take some advice, and get in the game.

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TOPIC: single guys always asking for advice, here you go