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TOPIC: Swinging v-s Swapping
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Ok, I've checked out several different websites regarding this topic, and the basic consensus is that swinging is "non-monogamous sexual activity conducted between concenting adults". As we all know (or all should know) typically is is accepted that one rule of swinging is no cheating or no activities without the knowledge of one's spouce. Swinging has been around for a long time and during that time the rules and acceptances within it have changed as the times have. My question is, is what we have no truly swinging or purely swapping? No where in that definition does it say that swinging in non-monogamous sexual activity between concenting COUPLES. That seems to be the mindset of some people in the lifestyle though, and that's fine if it works for them and I believe they have the right to their beliefs, the problem is when they attempt to force that belief as the law. If what we have now is truely swapping, instead of swinging, then by that definition, every time someone plays with someone else, then the cooresponding mates have to play with one another. No wait...we can't have that, because maybe one half of one couple isn't attracted to the opposite sex member of the other couple. What happens if the two members of the same sex from two different couples have sex? Both of those scenarios wouldn't work under this definition of what the lifestyle is supposed to be. In that definition there is no place for anything between members of the same sex or singles at all (be it males or females). Just something to think about...


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TOPIC: Swinging v-s Swapping