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TOPIC: Middle aged: green pastures aplenty
Created by: TripleThreat The original post for this thread was deleted.
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Danny: He is very correct. Why the sour grapes? You might not understand being younger but the demographic tips to the single, older, guy. Triple didn't bash younger guys. They do it themselves. You KNOW this.

There are tons and tons of straight women looking for a gentleman's company. Don't assume her motives are marriage either. There may be a pension, adult children or other considerations.

Example: Many women nurse dying husbands. They want NO part of doing that again....but a romp in the hay with a man of understanding bend....is more than welcome. They may also be enjoying freedom for the first time. No kids, husband, parents...Look out.

No single guy above 50 needs to be alone. Clean yourself up, get some new clothes, get your heart checked...and go for it.

I feel a "problem" comes in when older guys look for 20 something Barbies.

Patience IS the key. The clueless male of any age usually "jumps the gun" and forgets he's dealing with a person. Out comes up filtered male sex speak.. Wanna fuck/cam/im? Never mind your name. Excuse me....I need a hole to fuck anyone will do...type of mentality. NOT yummy.

The key is making it clear that non-monogamy is the ticket. There is no way in hell you are picking just one. Once they see you only are available on a limited basis many will take that in stride. Don't make the mistake of not being busy and hanging with just one.

Mischief thinks the demographic favors her as well...

Glen Burnie MD
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Welcum to the forums alone!

I have to say that men in their 40's and above have definitely got it going on. They have always proven to be the most sensual, patient, non-hung up, giving, exceptional lovers I have ever had the experience to enjoy. Those are the ones who know how to make my toes curls for hours on end - never ending! I personally think that the first few hours of play is meant for foreplay and older men tend to know what that means.

I am the kind of woman that likes to play for hours and hours and hours! I love to feel the touch of a man's hands as he strokes it along my body. His lips seeking to please every inch of my skin. his eyes staring into mine as we climax again and again. There is so much more to sex that physical fucking. I love the mind and body experience that goes comes with tantric sex.

Fort Worth TX
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TOPIC: Middle aged: green pastures aplenty