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TOPIC: LS_Ethics_and_the_Single_Male
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There is a couple I see where we sometimes play together and occasionally, just her and I meet. Once when it was just the two of us, he asked me to take pictures and text them to him. Obviously she was aware of what I was doing and was also turned on by the thought of him seeing pics of us together so I had no problem complying and think it's pretty hot. We all agreed we want to do more of that.

Here is my dilemma. Recently he asked me to secretly video tape her and I together, and by secretly, I mean not tell HER. When I asked if he would show her the tape, he was evasive.

So, should I tell him I am not comfortable taping her without her knowledge and consent or, based on her excitement when we took the pics, go along knowing he will probably show her the tape? I think she would be ok with it if she knew but he wants there to be that "secret" aspect to it.

Any thoughts?

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TOPIC: LS Ethics and the Single Male