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TOPIC: Is_swinging_really_only_for_couples
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I think that a lot more couples are open to single guys than it seems like. There are just sooo many single guys that spam couples with one line emails that it's easier to say that you aren't interested and then go looking for a single guy when they are.

I think that catnip is dead on about most couples preferring a swap with a couple vs. a single male. We're open to single guys, but even as the female, who obviously gets to be the center of attention in an MFM, I prefer to play with a couple.

The lifestyle has room for all types ~ singles included. :)

Good luck!

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Well I think it's a given that single males are going to have less action than most couples.

More supply of single males + less demand than for couples = less action

Fact is that 3-somes are considered "swinging" and a part of the lifestyle, but they aren't "swapping". A lot of people in the lifestyle want to swap so both halves are in a position to enjoy the company of someone new. I (the male half) enjoy watching my wife with another guy, but if given the choice of an MFM and a full swap I'll almost always choose the swap. I can enjoy her enjoyment of the other guy either way, but the full swap provides more options. Moreover, couples are less complicated - you know they are already attached, so aren't as likely to get emotionally "over the edge" and want more than just an evening of play.

All of that is just our taste - no problem with the many others who feel differently - but I'm pretty sure the reason single guys struggle is because a lot of couples feel the same way. What's more, full-swap opportunities abound so there's no real need to go for anything else. Single males aboud too - even if/when we do venture out for an MFM the odds are slim for any single guy in particular that we'd hang out with them.

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I'm not complaining here but just curious. Is swinging really just a couples thing? Being in the lifestyle both as a couple and now a single male swinger I have found very few couples open to single men swingers. Now I know there are some couples that accept single male swingers but they seem to be few and far in between. Single female swingers do not seem to have the same problem. I wonder if it's because couples just want to swing with other couples or if they swing with a single swinger, it's just more socially acceptable to swing with a single female rather than a single male swinger. When I was a part of a couple swinging, we always had both single women and single men swingers play with us as well as othe couples. Maybe we were a little more open than most. I would love to get some feedback on this. Again, not complaining just wanting to understand. I do have my fun every now and then but it seems to be getting harder to be accepted in the swing scene if you're a single male.

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TOPIC: Is swinging really only for couples
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