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TOPIC: A_single_female's_complaints_of_couples
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So there are several threads complaining of single guys. Has anyone had bad experiences with couples? As a single female, I get emails from single men, women and couples. IMO, single females are the most polite. However, I get many emails from couples that are simply rude or obnoxious... Moreso than the email from single guys. Am I the only one experiencing this?

Here are my favorites... 1. The couple that sends the one-line email, "let's fuck tonight." 2. The couple that only has pics of a beautiful wife and refuses to send pics of the husband, even after you've sent 10 of your own pics. 3. The couple that only views you as a fuck-doll. "we want to fuck all of your holes, do not talk or exchange numbers with my husband. You are there to fuck for his pleasure and that's it." 4. The couples that treat you like a prostitute. "my husband is older but we will give you a few Benjamin's each time you come over or take you on trips with us, but you must do whatever we tell you."

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TOPIC: A single female's complaints of couples