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TOPIC: open relationships and swinging alone
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I myself don't play alone, but playing alone doesn't entirely constitute an "open" relationship.

Some that play alone, still need the approval of their partners from their SO. That isn't truely open. Open means you can be with whoever you want without the approval or consent of your partner, beyond the basic go ahead.

Playing separatly, simple means, you don't play with your partner. This could be with or without their approval of partners.

The main advantages of playing alone, are some partners do not want to be in the lifestyle, but are okay with their partner "playing" without them. Some women are into other women only, but do not want their partner involved. Other times it is because one partner has a sexual dysfunction or lower sex drive than their partner. I really don't think there is many distinct advantages or disadvantages either way. Jealousy can be had from being separate or together.

The only advantage that comes to mind, is the same reason my wife and I have discussed playing separate, but this is only for the simple reason that it is sometimes really difficult to find a couple, that all four of us are compatible with. We think playing alone may make this easier as we don't have to rely on so many people. Ex: In the couples we have met, the men were great. The women were not so great. I feel bad for my wife and the other guy so I find myself "taking one" a lot more often than I would like. Beyond the mental issues, there seems to be a lot of couples that are one good looking and the other not. This makes it very difficult. Lastly, being separate, you don't have to deal with the same room/separate room bullshit.

If we did this, we would however be screening and approving of each others partners and still try to all hang out as a group, like a double date or whatever.

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TOPIC: open relationships and swinging alone